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How do I know I need a Lawyer

Although it may seem obvious, many times you don’t know you need a lawyer, until it is too late.  This post helps you determine if you need a lawyer.

Many people go through life never needing to hire a lawyer.  Others know they need a lawyer as soon as the need arises, such as being named a defendant in a law suit, or being arrested for driving while under the influence.

The grand majority of the time, most people have no idea that they need a lawyer, until it is too late.  The signs that you have waited too long to hire a lawyer include being named as a defendant in a law suit, having a real estate transaction go wrong, or even worse, having your estate being mismanaged after you pass away.

It can be challenging to find the right legal service.  Lawyers can be expensive, and it can be time consuming to find the right lawyer.  Many legal online legal services have launched to help people find lawyers.  These include, and  Additionally, you can search the American Bar Association’s web site or your local Bar Association’s web site for the appropriate lawyer.

Most lawyers offer a free first consultation.  You can use the listings page here at to find an attorney who may be right for you.

Just don’t wait until it is too late!


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