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Reporter information

This page describes the legal reporter position at  If you have questions please address them via the legal reporter question form.

Legal Reporter Summary

The legal reporter is a paid, contract position for journalists to post valuable and timely legal news articles for publication on the web site.

The benefits of being a legal reporter are getting published, building your professional network, making money, and potentially earning a residual revenue earnings.

Apply today, submit articles and start earning.


Fixed fee for published articles ($10 unsolicited/$20 solicited):  Legal reporters get paid $10 per published article that the publisher does not solicit, and $20 per published article that the publisher does solicit (also known as assign).  The fixed fee for published articles is paid on a monthly basis.  The payment will be mailed to the legal reporter’s address via the U.S. Postal Service no later than the 15th of the calendar month following the month of publication.

Advertising Revenue Share (10%):  Additionally, the legal reporter will earn 10% of all advertising revenue that is certainly and specifically generated from the full article pages on which the legal reporter’s article appears.  The legal reporter will not earn any advertising revenue from pages where only a part of the article is displayed.  Advertising revenue shares will be computed annually, based on all applicable advertising revenue generated during a calendar year.  Payments will be mailed no later February 15 of each year.

Articles only earn advertising revenue share for the calendar year published, and the following calendar year.  After that, the publisher pays no advertising share.  Additionally, if the publisher ceases publication as a news web site, no further advertising revenue share payments will be made after date of cessation.

Note, as of publication of this guide, had no advertising revenue. is attempting to generate advertising revenue, but success cannot be guaranteed.

Risk of Non Publication & Non Compensation on Legal Reporter:  Only news articles submitted via the legal reporter submit a new report page that properly written and formatted will be published and paid for.  The publisher reserves the right to publish or not publish any article for any reason.  The legal reporter bears all risk of not being compensated if the article is not published.

Recruiting Bonus

After a legal reporter has had five articles published, that legal reporter is eligible for a cash bonus of $20 for recruiting a new legal reporter.  The recruitment cash bonus is earned when the newly recruited legal reporter referred to successfully published five (5) news articles on

Please email the publisher BEFORE the recruit registers as a legal reporter.

Basic Article Requirements

The publisher pays for news articles.  A news article is a timely report of the facts of an event that is pertinent to the legal community.  The facts include the who, what, where and when, as well as quotes from interested parties.  The publisher does not pay for opinion articles, practice guides, or news that is untimely, or relies on other news sources.

The basic format of a news article should be as follows:

Paragraph 1:  A one sentence summary of the news article, designed to interest a reader.

Paragraph 2:  Date [Abbreviated month, day, year].  First name last name, Staff Reporter NOTE:  The should be linked using the link icon in the visual editor.

Paragraph 3:  On [DATE], [Entity did something/Event Occurred].  This means….Practitioners will be affected….Comments are required by…..The next thing that will occur on [DATE] is….  NOTE:  This is an example that must be adapted to the specific news article.

Paragraph 4:  Details / Quotes / Reactions.

Paragraph 5: Details / Quotes / Reactions.

etc. as required

Paragraph 6 (or whichever number):  Next steps / what to expect next.  State what readers can expect next.

After the article write the following (and link the web site address to the actual web site)

Sponsored by:

In general, a news article should conclude with a section titled sources.  That section should contain links to the sources that the legal reporter used, as well as links to any companies, courts, not-for-profit entities and the like that are mentioned in the news article.

See news article guidelines for more information on the content and format of legal news articles.


  • Commit plagiarism
  • Defame
  • Use copyrighted material
  • Upload harmful content (Viruses/Malware)
  • Access the back end of
  • Publish an advert
  • Make any changes to the web site

Legal Reporter Optional / Best Practices Promotions

The legal reporter is not obligated to take the steps listed under this heading.  This is a best practices section in order to maximize the benefits of the news reports to both, and the legal reporter.

The legal reporter should attempt to promote articles published by, as well as the site.  Such promotion can include liking individual pages or articles on social media, sharing articles on social media, listing the legal reporter position on resumes.  Linking the web site on social media, as well as any professional listing.


The legal reporter warrants that all information is accurate, and the article is the original work of the legal reporter.

The legal reporter indemnifies from all harms that occur due to the legal reporter’s fault.  Such harms may include use of plagiarized material, use of copyright material, defamation claims, or any other such regulatory or legal actions.

Possession of Intellectual Property

All published work becomes the sole property of as of the moment of publication.  Legal reporters have the limited license to disseminate articles that they have written provided that any dissemination is formatted ad described, including the links to and sponsored by

The legal reporter may not make changes to the content to create a distinct property right.

This limited license to disseminate articles may be withdrawn at any time by notice via email.  The legal reporter is completely responsible for keeping an update email on file with


Any dispute over this agreement shall be subject to the following terms:

  • Governing law, California State Law and San Francisco Ordinances
  • Venue of dispute:  San Francisco, California.
  • Prior to initiation of any formal proceedings (law suit or arbitration), legal reporter agrees to participate in mediation in good faith.
  • Legal reporter and agree to limit attorneys fees to the prevailing party, if applicable to $250.
  • Although drafted this agreement, any dispute over the meaning shall inure to the benefit of

News Article Ideas

  • MCLE Event (always unsolicited)
  • Outcome of a case or motion that is novel, has a large dollar value or precedent value, deals with a public figure, or is otherwise sensational (note:  if a case does NOT meet those criteria it is likely NOT news worthy and will not be published)
  • A legal awards ceremony (note a mere party for a legal group is NOT newsworthy)
  • An interview with a partner at a law firm, a judge, an administrative law judge, etc.
  • An interview with a law school professor, administrator, or other noteworthy person
  • A survey that produces interesting results, and has sufficient responses
  • QUESTIONS – Feel free to contact the publisher – however, mere contact and advise of the publisher does NOT mean that the article has been solicited.
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